Handbook Of Assessment In Clinical Gerontology.

Handbook Of Assessment In Clinical Gerontology

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  • ISBN 10: 0123749611
  • ISBN 13: 9780123749611


Part I Psychopathology Later In Life -- Assessment Of Depression And Bereavement In Older Adults / Barry A. Edelstein, Lisa W. Drozdick, Caroline M. Ciliberti -- Assessment Of Anxiety In Older Adults / Cheryl Carmin, Raymond L. Ownby -- Psychotherapy With Older Adults: The Importance Of Assessment / Lee Hyer, Catherine Yeager, Renee Hyer, Ciera Scott -- Assessment Of Personality Disorders Inolder Adults / Thomas F. Oltmanns, Steve Balsis -- Assessing Psychosis In Acute And Chronic Mentally Ill Older Adults / Colin A. Depp, Casey Loughran, Ipsit Vahia, Victor Molinari -- Dementia Syndromes In The Older Adult / Carol A. Manning, Jamie K. Ducharme -- Delirium Assessment In Older Adults / Chricelyn M. Tussey, Donna K. Broshek, Bernice A. Marcopulos -- Assessment Of Cognitive Training / George W. Rebok, Jeanine M. Parisi, Alden L. Gross, Adam P. Spira -- The Assessment Of Elder Abuse / Elizabeth J. Santos, Deborah A. King -- Assessment Of Dementia Family Caregivers / Carey Wexler Sherman, Louis D. Burgio, Jennifer D. Kowalkowski -- Assessment With Late-life Families: Issues And Instruments / Brian D. Carpenter, Elizabeth A. Mulligan -- Part Ii Behavioral Disorders -- Screening, Assessing And Intervening For Alcohol And Medication Misuse In Older Adults / Kristen Lawton Barry, Frederic C. Blow -- Assessment And Conceptualization Of Sexuality Among Older Adults / Linda R. Mona, Gali Goldwaser, Maggie L. Syme, Rebecca P. Cameron, Colleen Clemency, Aletha R. Miller, Larry Lemos, Michelle S. Ballan -- Nutrition In The Elderly / Kathryn E. Brogan, K-l. Catherine Jen -- Assessment Of Agitation In Older Adults / Jiska Cohen-mansfield, Lori Schindel Martin -- Assessing Sleep Problems Of Older Adults / Tracy Trevorrow -- Treatment Adherence In Late-life / Erin E. Emery, Erin L. Woodhead, Victor Molinari, Marcia G. Hunt -- Part Iii Cognition -- Geriatric Neuropsychological Assessment / John L. Woodard -- Screening Instruments And Brief Batteries For Dementia / Benjamin T. Mast, Adam Gerstenecker -- Cognitive Assessment In Late Stage Dementia / Cameron J. Camp, Michael J. Skrajner, Michelle M. Lee, Katherine S. Judge -- Assessing The Personal Preferences Of Persons With Dementia / Carol Witlatch -- Part Iv Everyday Functioning -- Assessment Of Capacity / Jennifer Moye, Michelle Braun -- Household And Neighborhood Safety, Mobility / Catherine L. Lysack -- Pain Assessment And Management In Older Adults / Theodore K. Malmstrom, Raymond C. Tait -- Assessments In Driver Rehabilitation / Joseph M. Pellerito Jr. [edited By] Peter A. Lichtenberg. Includes Bibliographical References And Index.

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  • Date Published: 2010
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