Introduction To Multicultural Education.

Introduction To Multicultural Education

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  • ISBN 10: 0134800362
  • ISBN 13: 9780134800363


A brief, highly readable overview of the important concepts, principles, theories, and practices of multicultural education Presenting need-to-know information in a concise, highly readable style, An Introduction to Multicultural Education helps busy pre-service and practicing educators increase their understanding of what multicultural education means for the increasingly diverse classrooms in the United States today. Leading authority James A. Banks includes the widely used concepts and paradigms that he has developed, such as the dimensions of multicultural education; approaches to multicultural curriculum reform; types of knowledge; and how to teach students to know, to care, and to act. In addition, the text covers the characteristics of effective multicultural lessons and units, the major benchmarks educators can use to determine sound multicultural education implementation, benchmarks to reform, and much more. Filled with new developments, trends, and issues as well as current statistics, citations, and references, the 6th Edition features: New Reflection and Action Activities and end-of-chapter summaries that can be used to identify key concepts and facilitate classroom discussion A new research discussion which shows the positive effects of ethnic studies on student engagement and achievement (Ch. 1) The author's new typology of citizenship in which four types of citizenship are conceptualized and discussed-failed, recognized, participatory, and transformative New discussion of the ways in which immigration to the United States has changed significantly since 2013 An up-to-date analysis of the ethnic studies debate and controversy that occurred in the Tucson Unified School District which culminated with a bill banning the program in 2011 (Ch. 1)

Other Details

  • Publisher: Pearson,
  • Language: Eng
  • Edition: 6
  • Date Published: 2019
  • Authors: Banks, James A.