Public Law.

Public Law

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  • ISBN 10: 0198722931
  • ISBN 13: 9780198722939


Fresh, modern, and practical, Public Law provides law undergraduates with a unique approach to constitutional and administrative law, aptly demonstrating why this is an exciting time to be studying the subject.Writing in a fluid, succinct style, the authors carve a logical pathway through the key areas studied on the LLB, guiding students to a solid understanding of the fundamental principles. This theoretical grounding is then rooted in reality, with each concept applied to a hypothetical scenario(included at the start of each chapter) to set it into a practical context.While this practical element helps students to understand how the law applies and develop problem-solving skills, a trio of supportive learning features also encourages active engagement with and a critical appreciation of public law. "Key case" boxes highlight and analyse the significant case lawin each area; "Counterpoint" boxes flag alternative viewpoints and areas of debate; and "Pause for reflection" boxes prompt readers to consider the impact of laws, and what potential developments and reforms may lie ahead. Public Law's modern approach and unique combination of practical application and theoretically critical discussion makes it the ideal choice for students seeking to understand concepts not only in the abstract but in practice, helping them to develop the skills they need to succeed at university andbeyond.

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  • Publisher: Oxford Univ Pr
  • Language: Eng English
  • Pages: 703
  • Date Published: 2018
  • Authors: John Stanton, Craig Prescott