Tellers, tales, and translation in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

Tellers, tales, and translation in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

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  • ISBN 10: 0198748787
  • ISBN 13: 9780198748786


Readers of the Canterbury Tales have always marvelled at the spirited interplay among the pilgrims and the manner in which the stories they tell seem to fit their characters. In Tellers, Tales, and Translation Warren Ginsberg argues that Chaucer often recast a coordinating idea or set of concerns in the portraits, prologues, tales, and epilogues that make up a 'Canterbury' performance. For the Clerk, the idea is transition, for the Merchant it isrevision and reticence, for the Miller it is repetition, for the Franklin it is interruption and elision, for the Wife of Bath it is self-authorship, for the Pardoner it is misdirection and subversion. When readersassemble the parts, which say the same thing otherwise, they become roadside translators who join Chaucer in organizing his greatest work.

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  • Publisher: Oxford University Press,
  • Language: Eng English
  • Format: print
  • Edition: 1
  • Dimensions: viii, 250 pages ; 23 cm
  • Date Published: 2016
  • Authors: Ginsberg, Warren , 1949- (author.)