The Oxford Handbook Of Media, Technology, And Organization Studies (oxford Handbooks).

The Oxford Handbook Of Media, Technology, And Organization Studies (oxford Handbooks)

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    • ISBN 10: 0198809913
    • ISBN 13: 9780198809913


    Our most basic relationship with the world is one of technological mediation. Nowadays our available tools are digital, and increasingly what counts in economic, social, and cultural life is what can be digitally stored, distributed, replayed, augmented, and switched. Yet the digital remainsvery much materially configured, and though it now permeates nearly all human life it has not eclipsed all older technologies.This Handbook is grounded in an understanding that our technologically mediated condition is a condition of organization. It maps and theorizes the largely unchartered territory of media, technology, and organization studies. Written by scholars of organization and theorists of media and technology,the chapters focus on specific, and specifically mediating, objects that shape the practices, processes, and effects of organization.It is in this spirit that each chapter focuses on a specific technological object, such as the Battery, Clock, High Heels, Container, or Smartphone, asking the question, how does this object or process organize? In staying with the object the chapters remain committed to the everyday, empiricalworld, rather than being confined to established disciplinary concerns and theoretical developments.As the first sustained and systematic interrogation of the relation between technologies, media, and organization, this Handbook consolidates, deepens, and further develops the empirics and concepts required to make sense of the material forces of organization.

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    • Publisher: Oxford University Press
    • Language: En
    • Pages: 560
    • Date Published: 2019
    • Authors: Timon Beyes