Oxford Handbook Of Respiratory Nursing (oxford Handbooks In Nursing).

Oxford Handbook Of Respiratory Nursing (oxford Handbooks In Nursing)

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    • ISBN 10: 0199226237
    • ISBN 13: 9780199226238


    The Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Nursing offers the reader a systematic account of the main respiratory diseases found in adults, and covers assessment, diagnosis, and nursing management of these diseases. It also covers pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapies, and discusses the role of the multidisciplinary respiratory team. The book highlights the multiple needs of respiratory patients and addresses not only the physical needs but also covers thepsychosocial needs, including their palliative and end of life issues.The book includes many illustrations and diagrams to guide the reader. It also contains references to national and international disease specific guidelines and patient and health professional charities andhelp lines.The book is clearly laid out, and written in easily readable note-based style. Blank pages are included for the reader, so that individual notes, observations, and local protocols can be included, thereby individualizing the handbook. All this is available in a handy, pocket-sized book with hard-wearing plastic covers. Written by practising nurses and subject experts, the Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Nursing is a unique and invaluablecompanion for novice and experienced practitioners, and for all health care professionals who are involved in the care of respiratory patients in all settings.

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    • Publisher: Oxford University Press
    • Edition: 1
    • Pages: 654
    • Date Published: 2009
    • Authors: Robinson, Terry, Scullion, Jane