Opioids in Cancer Pain.

Opioids in Cancer Pain

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  • ISBN 10: 019923664X
  • ISBN 13: 9780199236640


Opioids have become invaluable in modern medicine but it is essential that they are prescribed with an understanding of the complex pharmacology behind their effectiveness; without this, they will fail to achieve their enormous potential for pain relief, minimal side effects, and improved function. In addition, opioids can present problems, including side effects such as constipation, respiratory depression, and sedation, as well as the potential for substance abuse. Clinicians handling the complex pain problems of cancer patients must incorporate the insight of basic scientists and pharmacologists. This new edition of an already comprehensive text brings together a wealth of experience from those involved in all aspects of opioids, with a view to improving both clinical understanding and patient care.

The text includes: comprehensive coverage of the principles of opioid pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacogenetics; chapters dedicated to in-depth coverage of each of the main opioids; and chapters discussing the complex issues and debate surrounding the use of these drugs.

New to this edition:

An editor from the UK, Columba Quigley, has joined the established editor team of Mellar P. Davis, Paul Glare, and Janet R. Hardy, making the new edition even more international in scope

New chapters on opioids in paediatrics and opioids in developing countries, addressing the unique needs of these patient groups

More focused attention on the differing uses of opioids, with separate chapters devoted to dosing strategies for acute pain, and dosing strategies for chronic pain

Buprenorphine added to the list of opioids covered, reflecting its common use in Europeand the debate surrounding its use in the US

Organ failure now covered

Issues of addiction and substance abuse addressed

Strengthening of the palliative care perspective, with the role of opioids in the terminal phase now included

New studies in opioid pharmacogenetics incorporated, a topic which may have significant implications for the use of these drugs in the future

This text is the most complete and extensive work available on the use of opioids for cancer pain, and is an important reference for clinicians treating individuals with cancer; this includes palliative care doctors, oncologists, pain specialists, and pharmacists.

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  • Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Edition: 2
  • Dimensions: 6.90 (w) x 9.80 (h) x 1.30 (d)
  • Pages: 456
  • Date Published: 2009
  • Authors: Davis, Mellar P., Glare, Paul A., Hardy, Janet