The Oxford Handbook Of Organizational Psychology, Volume 1 (oxford Library Of Psychology).

The Oxford Handbook Of Organizational Psychology, Volume 1 (oxford Library Of Psychology)

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  • ISBN 10: 0199389047
  • ISBN 13: 9780199389049


Volume 1 : Part I. An Introduction To Industrial And Organizational Psychology : The Nature Of Organizational Psychology / Steve W.j. Kozlowski -- A History Of Industrial And Organizational Psychology / Laura L. Koppes Bryan And Andrew J. Vinchur -- Part Ii. The Foundation : Seeking The Holy Grail In Organizational Science Establishing Causality Through Research Design / Paul J. Hanges And Mo Wang -- Multivariate Dynamics In Organizational Science / Richard P. Deshon -- Individual Differences: Challenging Our Assumptions / Ann Marie Ryan And Paul R. Sackett -- Behavior, Performance, And Effectiveness In The Twenty-first Century / John P. Campbell -- Part Iii. Aligning Person And Job Characteristics : Recruitment And Competitive Advantage: A Brand Equity Perspective / Kang Yang Trevor Yu And Daniel M. Cable -- Work Design: Creating Jobs And Roles That Promote Individual Effectiveness / John Cordery And Sharon K. Parker -- Performance Management / James W. Smither --^ Learning, Training, And Development In Organizations / Eduardo Salas, Sallie J. Weaver, And Marina L. Shuffler -- Person-environment Fit In Organizational Settings / Cherin Ostroff -- The Research-practice Gap In I/o Psychology And Related Fields: Challenges And Potential Solutions / Sara L. Rynes -- Part Iv. Motivation, Job Attitudes And Affect, And Performance : Work Motivation: Theory, Practice, And Future Directions / Ruth Kaufer -- Job Satisfaction And Job Affect / Timothy A. Judge, Charles L. Hulin, And Reeshad S. Dalal -- Organizational Justice / Jason A. Colquitt -- Dynamic Performance / Sabine Sonnentag And Michael Frese -- Part V. Informal Learning, Meaning Creation, And Social Influences : Organizational Socialization: Background, Basics, And A Blueprint For Adjustment At Work / Georgia T. Chao -- Workplace Mentoring: Past, Present, And Future Perspectives / Lillian T. Eby -- Organizational Culture And Climate / Dov M. Zohar And David A. Hofmann --^ A Social Network Perspective On Organizational Psychology / Daniel J. Brass -- Leadership / David V. Day. Volume 2 : Part Vi. Work Teams In Organizations : Team Structure: Tight Versus Loose Coupling In Task-oriented Groups / John R. Hollenbeck And Matthias Spitzmuller -- Team Participation And Empowerment: A Multilevel Perspective / Gilad Chen And Paul Tesluk -- Across Borders And Technologies: Advancements In Virtual Teams Research / Bradley L. Kirkman, Cristina B. Gibson, And Kwanghyun Kim -- Team Learning: A Theoretical Integration And Review / Bradford S. Bell, Steve W.j. Kozlowski, And Sabina Blawath -- Criteria Issues And Team Effectiveness / John E. Mathieu And Lucy L. Gilson -- Part Vii. Organizational Learning, Development, And Adaptation : Organizational Learning And Knowledge Management / Linda Argote -- Organizational Development And Change: Linking Research From The Profit, Nonprofit, And Public Sectors / J. Kevin Ford And Pennie Foster-fishman -- Strategic Human Resource Management / Charles C. Snow And Scott A. Snell -- Part Viii. Managing Differences Withing And Across Organizations : Managing Diversity / Quinetta M. Roberson -- Employment Discrimination / Adrienne J. Colella, Patrick F. Mckay, Shanna R. Daniels And Sloane M. Signal -- Part Ix. The Interface Of Work And Life : The Work And Family Interface / Tammy D. Allen -- Lifelong Learning / Manuel London -- Occupational Safety And Health / Lois E. Tetrick And José M. Peiró -- Work And Aging / Jerry W. Hedge And Walter C. Borman -- Part X. Technology, System Design, And Human Performance : An Overview Of Human Factors Psychology / Alex Kirlik -- Cognition And Technology: Interdisciplinarity And The Impact Of Cognitive Engineering Research On Organizational Productivity / Stephen M. Fiore -- Taxonomy And Theory In Computer Supported Cooperative Work / Jonathan Grudin And Steven E. Poltrock -- Decision Making In Naturalistic Environments / Eduardo Salas, Michael A. Rosen, And Deborah Diazgranados -- Part Xi. Postscript : On The Horizon / Steve W.j. Kozlowski. Edited By Steve W.j. Kozlowski. Includes Bibliographical References And Indexes. Mode Of Access: World Wide Web.

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  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Language: Eng English
  • Pages: 800
  • Date Published: 2014