The sound patterns of syntax.

The sound patterns of syntax

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  • ISBN 10: 0199556873
  • ISBN 13: 9780199556878


In This Book Leading Scholars Address The Issues Surrounding The Syntax-phonology Interface. These Principally Concern Whether The Phonological Component Can Influence Syntax And If So, How Far And In What Ways: Such Questions Are A Prominent Component Of Current Work On The Biolinguistics Of Speech Production And Reception. The Problematic Relationship Between Syntax And Phonology Has Long Piqued The Interest Of Syntacticians And Phonologists: The Connections Between Sound And Structure Have Played A Key Role In Generative Grammar From Its Inception, Initially Relating To Focus And The Prosodic Marking Of Constituent Structure And More Recently To Word-order Constraints. This Book Advances This Work In A Series Of Critical And Interlinked Presentations Of The Latest Thinking And Research. In Doing So It Draws On Data From A Wide Range Of Languages, Evidence From Disordered Language, And Related Work In Language Acquisition.--jacket. Introduction / Nomi Ertschik-shir And Lisa Rochman -- Adjunction And 3d Phrase Structure : A Study Of Norwegian Averbials / Tor A. Åfarli -- The Phonology Of Adverb Placement, Object Shift, And V2 : The Case Of Danish 'mon' / Nomi Erteschik-shir -- Is Free Postverbal Order In Hungarian A Syntactic Or A Pf Phenomenon? / Katalin É. Kiss -- Why Float : Floating Quantifiers And Focus Marking / Lisa Rochman -- Prosodic Prominence : A Syntactic Matter? / João Costa -- On The Mechanics Of Spell-out / Steven Franks -- Semantic And Discourse Interpretation Of The Japanese Left Periphery / Mamoru Saito -- Rhythmic Patterns Cue Word Order / Mohinish Skulka And Marina Nespor -- Object Clauses, Movement, And Phrasal Stress / Hubert Truckenbrodt And Isabelle Darcy -- Optimality Theory And The Theory Of Phonological Phrasing : The Chimwiini Evidence / Charles W. Kisseberth -- Functional Complementarity Is Only Skin-deep : Evidence From Egyptian Arabic For The Autonomy Of Syntax And Phonology In The Expression Of Focus / Sam Hellmuth -- Syntax, Information Structure, Embedded Prosodic Phrasing, And The Relational Scaling Of Pitch Accents / Caroline Féry -- Deconstructing The Nuclear Stress Algorithm : Evidence From Second Language Speech / Emily Nava And Maria Luisa Zubizarreta -- Focus As Grammatical Notion : A Case Study In Autism / Kriszta Szendrői -- Intermodular Argumentation : Morpheme-specific Phonologies Are Out Of Business In A Phase-based Architecture / Tobias Scheer. Edited By Nomi Erteschik-shir And Lisa Rochman. Ostl 29--spine. Includes Bibliographical References (p. [352]-378) And Indexes.

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  • Dimensions: xi, 385 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
  • Pages: 400
  • Date Published: 2010
  • Authors: Erteschik-shir Et Al