Learn To Read Latin, Second Edition (workbook Part 2).

Learn To Read Latin, Second Edition (workbook Part 2)

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ISBN details

  • ISBN 10: 0300194986
  • ISBN 13: 9780300194982


One of the most popular Latin texts on the market, "Learn to Read Latin "helps high school and college students acquire the skills to read and appreciate the great works of Latin literature. It not only presents basic Latin morphology and syntax with clear explanations and examples, but also offers direct access to original, unaltered Latin texts. As beginning students learn basic forms and grammar, they also gain familiarity with patterns of Latin word order and other features of style. This second edition--which now combines the first and second parts into a single textbook--improves upon an already strong foundation by streamlining grammatical explanations, increasing the number of syntax and morphology drills, and offering additional short and longer readings in Latin prose and poetry.

Other Details

  • Publisher: Yale University Press
  • Language: Eng,lat
  • Pages: 376
  • Date Published: 2015
  • Authors: Andrew Keller, Stephanie Russell