Atomic Processes In Electron-ion And Ion-ion Collisions

Atomic Processes In Electron-ion And Ion-ion Collisions

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  • ISBN 10: 0306424134
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Four years after a first meeting in BADDECK, Canada, on the Physics of Ion-Ion and Electron-Ion collisions, a second Nato Advanced Study Institute, in HAl~/Lesse, Belgium, reexamined the subject which had become almost a new one, in consideration of the many important developments that had occured in the mean time. The developments have been particularly impressive in two areas : the di-electronic recombination of electrons with ions and the collisional processes of mUltiply charged ions. For dielectronic recombination, a major event was the obtainment, in 1983, of the first experimental data. This provided, at last, a non speculative basis for the study of that intricate and subtle process and strongly stimulated the theoretical activities. Multiply charged ions, on the other hand, have become popular, thanks to the development of powerful ion sources. This circumstance, together with a pressing demand from thermonuclear research for ionisation and charge exchange cross sections, has triggered systematic experimental investigations and new theoretical studies, which have contributed to considerably enlarge, over the last five years, our understanding of the collisional processes of multiply charged ions. Dielectronic recombination and multiply charged ions were therefore central points in the programme of the A.S.I. in HAN/Lesse and are given a corresponding emphasis in the present book.

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  • Publisher: Plenum Press
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  • Edition: 1986
  • Dimensions: viii, 494 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
  • Pages: 502
  • Date Published: 1986
  • Authors: Nato Advanced Study Institute On The Physics Of Electron-ion And Ion-ion Collisions (1985 : Han-sur-lesse, Belgium)