Church-state Relations

Church-state Relations

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  • ISBN 10: 0313310963
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The relationship between church and state has been one of controversy since the founding of the republic. From the drafting of the religious liberty guarantees in the Constitution to the current debate over what role religion should play in the public life of the nation, the controversy continues unabated. This resource offers students an examination of 14 persistent church-state issues from the founding of the republic to the early years of the 21st century. The examination of each issue features a narrative overview of the issue and a selection of primary documents espousing a variety of viewpoints on the issue. Documents include Supreme Court decisions, federal laws, speeches, newspaper editorials, and other statements of opposing positions. Issues covered include prayer in the schools, flag salute cases, the free exercise of religion, and school vouchers.

The work pays particular attention to the way in which Supreme Court decisions over the last two centuries have affected religious liberty. A full narrative overview of the issue and careful annotation of each document will help the reader to place the argument in historical, social, and political context. This is a valuable tool for student research on the controversial issues involved in the relationship between church and state.

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