The Early Republic: Primary Documents On Events From 1799 To 1820

The Early Republic: Primary Documents On Events From 1799 To 1820

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In the first two decades of the 19th century, the early American Republic emerged from under the shadow of the internal and external threats that had formerly plagued its progression towards independence, and with increased confidence in its capacity as a political institution and as a military power, began to consider the policies that would determine the country's course in the future. In determining these policies, whether military, economic, or political, no single institution was more instrumental than the press—the engine of the national consciousness, in the words of Thomas Jefferson. With this unique collection of primary documents, students, scholars, and other interested readers will be able to debate the issues central to this period.

Beginning with an extensive overview of the period, this book focuses on 26 pressing issues of the early republic. Each issue is presented with an introductory essay and multiple primary documents from the newspapers of the day, illustrating both sides of the debate. Some of the issues thus discussed include: the nation's first regime change (as the Federalists lost control of the White House to the Republicans); the Louisiana Purchase; the War of 1812; slave revolts; the fear of immigrants; disunion; and the wars against the Indians. This is a perfect resource for students interested in the early republic and the actual opinions and words of those involved

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