The Paypal Official Insider Guide To Mobile Profits

The Paypal Official Insider Guide To Mobile Profits

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ISBN details

  • ISBN 10: 0321792165
  • ISBN 13: 9780321792167


This book helps merchants and developers--entrepreneur, innovator, and enterprise--partner with PayPal Mobile to grow their businesses. * *Provides the first official PayPal Mobile developer guidebook from PayPal Press. *Fully explains PayPal Mobile development products, features, services, and set-up. *Provides helpful PayPal Mobile integration instructions, techniques, and tips. PayPal Press is a new alliance between New Riders and PayPal, addressing the needs of an audience that includes individuals, businesses, non-profits, and developers of applications taking advantage of the first open platform to facilitate the transfer of money. In 'The PayPal Official Insider Guide to Mobile Profits: Make money anytime, anywhere' readers will learn about: * *Initiating PayPal Mobile merchant operations. *Creating and managing PayPal Mobile accounts. *Allowing mobile-based recurring payments. *Facilitating mobile consumer P2P exchanges. *Processing mobile credit card transactions. *Allowing mobile express and guest checkouts. *Enabling mobile send/request/transfer money transactions. *Managing mobile security and fraud filtering. *Offering global mobile payment solutions

Other Details

  • Publisher: Pearson P T R
  • Edition: 1
  • Date Published: 2011
  • Authors: Jones, Matthew T./