Microwave Integrated Circuit Components Design Through Matlab®.

Microwave Integrated Circuit Components Design Through Matlab®

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  • ISBN details

    • ISBN 10: 0367243121
    • ISBN 13: 9780367243128


    The book teaches the student community microwave integrated circuit component design through MATLAB, helping the reader to become conversant in using MATLAB code and therefore using commercial software for verification purposes only. Microwave circuit theory and its comparison, transmission line network, S-parameters, ABCD parameters, basic design parameters of planar transmission line (CPW, microstrip, stripline, CPS), filter theory, Smith chart, Inverted Smith chart, stability circles, noise figure circles, and rat-race coupler are explained in the book. The chapters are planned in such a way that one gets a thorough enough understanding to ensure expertise in design.

    Other Details

    • Publisher: Crc Press
    • Language: En
    • Edition: 1
    • Pages: 215
    • Date Published: 2019
    • Authors: Raghavan, S