Structured Glass-fiber Catalysts.

Structured Glass-fiber Catalysts

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    • ISBN 10: 0367253852
    • ISBN 13: 9780367253851


    Structured Glass-fiber Catalysts Discusses The Synthesis Of Advanced Glass-fiber Catalysts For Various Emerging Applications, Investigation Of Their Properties, And Development Of The Engineering Basis Required For Their Wide Practical Application. This Book Describes How To Create And Use Such Catalysts For Different Chemical Reactions. It Discusses How To Efficiently Arrange Them Into Structured Catalytic Cartridges And Gives Examples Of Their Successful Application For Purification Of Waste Gases From Different Hazardous Contaminants And Environmentally Safe Combustion Of Fuels. It Covers Nanosize Surface Science Fundamentals Through Large-scale Commercial Catalytic Reactors. This Book Is Aimed At Researchers And Engineers In The Fields Of Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, And Materials Engineering.

    Other Details

    • Publisher: Crc Press
    • Language: En
    • Edition: 1
    • Pages: 158
    • Date Published: 2019
    • Authors: Andrey Zagoruiko, Sergey Lopatin