Metal-catalysed Reactions Of Hydrocarbons.

Metal-catalysed Reactions Of Hydrocarbons

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    • ISBN 10: 0387241418
    • ISBN 13: 9780387241418


    This unique book, drawing on the author’s lifetime experience, critically evaluates the extensive literature on the field of Metal-Catalysed Reactions of Hydrocarbons. Emphasis is placed on reaction mechanisms involving hydrogenation, hydrogenolysis, skeletal and positional isomerisation, and exchange reactions. The motivation for fundamental research in heterogeneous catalysis is to identify the physicochemical characteristics of active centres for the reaction being studied, to learn how these may be modified or manipulated to improve the desired behavior of the catalyst, and to recognize and control those aspects of the catalyst's structure that limit its overall performance. By restricting the subject of the book to hydrocarbons, Bond has progressively developed the subject matter to include areas of importance both to researchers and to those working in the industry.

    Other Details

    • Publisher: Springer-verlag New York, Llc
    • Date Published: 2005
    • Authors: Bond, Geoffrey C.