Community Schools in Africa : Reaching the Unreached.

Community Schools in Africa : Reaching the Unreached

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  • ISBN 10: 0387451064
  • ISBN 13: 9780387451060


Over the past decade, community schools similar to those supported by Save the Children have been established in many developing countries, and especially in sub-Saharan Africa. As large numbers of children attend schools started and managed by their own communities and/or by nongovernmental organizations, questions have come up about the impact of such schools at large scale: "Can village-based or community schools have a national impact on access to education, spur improved long-term development strategies and education policy, or achieve or influence Education for All? This book explores these and related questions, drawing on Save the Children’s experience with community-based schooling in four countries: Ethiopia, Malawi, Mali, and Uganda. The literature on community schools in Africa tends to be sparse, repetitive and highly descriptive with little or no sustained critique of practice. This book fills a substantial gap in the education literature and is particularly timely, given the current emphasis on decentralization and community involvement in education. Save the Children has been a pioneer in the community school movement, particularly in Africa. Community schools are created in areas where access to education is limited or non-existent. The community school approach has been recognized for its easy replicability, cost-effectiveness and dramatic improvements in basic education for children in need.

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  • Publisher: Springer Verlag
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Edition: 2007
  • Date Published: 2007
  • Authors: Save the Children Staff, Jordan Naidoo, Chloe O'Gara, Deborah Glassman, Kristin Helmore