Behavioral Interventions For Prevention And Control Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Behavioral Interventions For Prevention And Control Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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  • ISBN 10: 0387478639
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Addresses The Complexities And Social Contexts Of Human Behaviors Which Spread Stds, The Cultural Barriers To Std Education (ranging From Conservative Mores To Stay Out Of My Bedroom Libertarianism), And The Sociopolitical Nuances Surrounding Treatment. Over Forty Contributors Offer A Practical Appraisal Of What Is Being Done Now And What Can Be Improved, Such As: An Overview Of Current Behavioral And Biomedical Interventions For Std Prevention And Control, A Discussion Of What Works For Individuals, Groups, And Communities, Up To Date Thinking About Such Traditional Prevention Approaches As Partner Notification And Health Care Seeking, Std Prevention Strategies With High-risk Populations, Including Drug Users, Gay Men, Teenagers, Incarcerated Persons, And Persons With Repeat Infections, The State Of Prevention Technology: Condoms, Vaccines, The Internet, Ethical, Economic, And Policy Issues In Std Prevention, Applying Intervention Models To Real-world Situations, Guideline. Foreword -- Introduction -- About The Editors -- Contributors -- Pt. 1. Overview Chapters : Behavioral Interventions -- Ch. 1. History Of Behavioral Interventions In Std Control / Laura J. Mcgough And H. Hunter Handsfield -- Ch. 2. Behavioral Interventions For Stds : Theoretical Models And Intervention Methods / Janet S. St. Lawrence And J. Dennis Fortenberry -- Ch. 3. Biomedical Interventions / Stuart Berman And Mary L. Kamb -- Pt. 2. Intervention Approaches -- Ch. 4. Dyadic, Small Group, And Community-level Behavioral Interventions For Std/hiv Prevention / Donna Hubbard Mccree, Agatha Eke, And Samantha P. Wiliams -- Ch. 5. Structural Interventions / Frederick R. Bloom And Deborah A. Cohen -- Ch. 6. Std Prevention Communication : Using Social Marketing Techniques With An Eye On Behavioral Change / Miriam Y. Vega And Khalil G. Ghanem -- Ch. 7. Partner Notification And Management Interventions / Matthew Hogben, Devon D. Brewer And Matthew R. Golden -- Ch. 8. Interventions In Sexual Health Care-seeking And Provision At Multiple Levels Of The U.s. Health Care System / Matthew Hogben And Lydia A. Shrier -- Ch. 9. Use Of The Internet In Std/hiv Prevention / Mary Mcfarlane And Sheana S. Bull -- Ch. 10. Male Condoms / Lee Warner And Katherine M. Stone -- Ch. 11. Sti Vaccines : Status Of Development, Potential Impact, And Important Factors For Implementation / Nicole Liddon, Gregory D. Zimet, And Lawrence R. Stanberry. Pt. 3. Interventions By Population -- Ch 12. Behavioral Interventions For Prevention And Control Of Stds Among Adolescents / Kathleen A. Ethier And Donald P. Orr -- Ch. 13. Biological And Behavioral Risk Factors Associated With Stds/hiv In Women : Implications For Behavioral Interventions / Donna Hubbard Mccree And Anne M. Rompalo -- Ch. 14. Std Prevention With Men Who Have Sex With Men In The United States / Kevin A. Fenton And Frederick R. Bloom -- Ch. 15. Std Repeaters : Implications For The Individual And Std Transmission In A Population / Jami S. Leichliter, Jonathan M. Ellen And Robert A. Gunn -- Ch. 16. Looking Inside And Affecting The Outside : Corrections-based Interventions For Std Prevention / Saimantha P. Williams And Richard H. Kahn -- Ch. 17. Stds Among Illicit Drug Users In The United States : The Need For Interventions / Salaam Semaan, Don C. Des Jarlais, And Robert M. Malow -- Pt. 4. Understanding Methods -- Ch. 18. Quantitative Measurement / Mary Mcfarlane And Janet S. St. Lawrence -- Ch. 19. Qualitative Methods / Pamina M. Gorbach And Jerome Galea -- Ch. 20. From Data To Action : Integrating Program Evaluation And Program Improvement / Thomas J. Chapel And Kim Seechuk -- Ch. 21. Cost-effectiveness Analysis / Thomas L. Gift And Jeanne Marrazzo -- Ch. 22. From Best Practices To Better Practice : Adopting Model Behavioral Interventions In The Real World Of Std/hiv Prevention / Cornelis A. Rietmeijer And Alice A. Gandelman -- Pt. 5. Ethical And Policy Issues -- Ch. 23. The Ethics Of Public Health Practice For The Prevention And Control Of Stds / Salaam Semaan And Mary Leinhos -- Ch. 24. Policy And Behavioral Interventions For Stds / Jonathan M. Zenilman -- Index. Sevgi O. Aral, John M. Douglas, Editors ; Judith A. Lipshutz, Associate Editor ; Foreword By H. Hunter Handsfield And Edward W. Hook Iii. Includes Bibliographical References And Index.

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