Physiology For Health Care And Nursing: A Basis For Nursing And Health Care.

Physiology For Health Care And Nursing: A Basis For Nursing And Health Care

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    • ISBN 10: 0443041512
    • ISBN 13: 9780443041518


    Nurse education has changed radically in recent years. One of the major shifts in the curriculum has been a much greater emphasis on physiology and a down-grading of pure anatomy. This book was developed in response to this change in nurse education. This highly innovative textbook is suitable for the Project 2000 nursing courses. (The 'Life sciences relevant to nursing practice' segment of the Common Foundation Programme (CFP) is its natural home.) Unlike older texts, the emphasis is firstly on the physiology, which is covered in the depth now required by student nurses. The book also gives a basic grounding in anatomy, showing especially how anatomy relates to and helps explain the physiology. The whole text is made relevant to nursing practice, by using 'nursing application boxes', which show the application of the science to the clinical situation. This is a book which will not overwhelm student nurses with its level of detail, but will provide them with a sound understanding of physiology and enable them to apply what they have learned to their practice. It is an attractive and highly structured text from a nursing professional, who is also a gifted writer.

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    • Publisher: Churchill Livingstone
    • Language: En
    • Edition: 1
    • Pages: 648
    • Date Published: 1994
    • Authors: Rutishauser Phd, Sigrid C. B.