Heart Transplantation.

Heart Transplantation

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  • SHUB4128
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    • ISBN 10: 0443076553
    • ISBN 13: 9780443076558


    This truly comprehensive reference is devoted to every aspect of heart transplantation. It not only covers the surgical procedures for the donor and recipient, but also explores pre and post operative patient management, operative techniques and non-surgical cardiac management options. The 3 reasons you need this book are: (1) Extensive outline and bolded phrases will provide you with QUICK and EASY access to the information; (2) Over 700 illustrations will provide an additional visual aid to enhance your understanding of the text; and (3) Access to information on all the most currently used immunosuppressive drugs and other modalities with helpful tables Covers the critical subjects of basic science, causation theories, clinical manifestation, and available therapies for acute and chronic allograft rejection. Devotes an entire chapter to pediatric heart transplantation and details those areas which are unique to the infant, child, and adolescent. Provides a thorough explanation of the immunologic basis of transplantation. Dedicates a chapter to techniques of analysis in outcomes research in both single and multi-institutional studies. Describes individual post-transplantation infections along with treatment options and doses. Offers detailed survival analyses with risk factors for various causes of death based on the most current data available. Includes information on all currently used immunosuppresive drugs and other modalities in helpful tables which includes data on mechanism, chemistry, metabolism, indications, and toxicities of each agent. Facilitates quick reference with extensive outlines and bolded phrases.

    Other Details

    • Publisher: Churchill Livingstone
    • Edition: 1
    • Pages: 883
    • Date Published: 2002-02-08
    • Authors: James K Kirklin Md, James B. Young Md, David C. Mcgiffin Md